Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We NEED Poetry!

We need poetry!  Poetry promotes literacy, builds community, and fosters emotional resilience.  It can cross boundaries that little else can.

I wrote a poem from the information I compiled from interviews of students with special needs.   I asked these students to describe to me, in one of two words, their exceptionalities and what it was like to learn.  In some cases, I had to modify the questions to meet the needs of the student.  For example, the title credits go to a student who is non-verbal.  I asked him what he thought of his EA.  He looked directly at her, gave her a huge smile, and gestured a thumbs up sign!  

Thumbs Up! (Perspectives)

I can’t talk;
I can’t walk;
I can’t read;
I can’t write;
I can’t hear;
I can’t see;
I can’t count;
I need medicine;
I have anxiety;
I need help.


I have dreams;
I can smile;
I have likes;
I can communicate;
I can feel;
I have hope;
I am included;
I have friends;
I can laugh;
I can play;
I have goals;
I can succeed.

I am a student with special needs.
I am a person.
Thank you for seeing what I CAN do!
Thumbs up!

Now it is your turn!  Here is the link to your next lesson, where you are going to use poetry to tell me about yourself - where you come from and who you are!  

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